Tate Exchange: Art School Rules OK?

BACKLIT is proud to be a Tate Exchange Associate. For our latest takeover, we were asked to respond to the theme of ‘movement’, which we translated as artist-led movements and how they influence and are informed by arts education. Each Studio member presented a learning activity inspired by an artist movement, resulting in a re-design of the art curriculum and creating an obstacle course of creative learning activity. 

Participants began by dressing up and stepping into the shoes of an art student, before embarking on an obstacle course of interactive, creative learning activities. We explored, created and played with a mix of experimental and traditional models of art education, which sat alongside each other in the space. Participants who completed every activity received an ‘artist’ badge and became a fully-fledged ‘graduates’ of the programme.

We enjoyed using different models of art education to explore ideas of accessibility and power dynamics within education. The addressed questions such as; who can access education within the arts? Where can art education take place? And who is teaching who?

The hands-on activities within the space aimed to reshuffle the hierarchical structures within artistic and cultural production, questioning ideas of social organising, the conditions needed for a common space, and what it truly means to be ‘artist-led’.

Thanks to our participating Studio artists; Mo Scott, Peter Chesney, Karen Chesney, Kühle Wampe art collective (Craig David Parr, Amelia Seren Roberts, Joshua Heathcote, Dinosaur Kilby), Sian Watson Taylor, Lois Gardner Sabet, Ryan Heath and Anna Manfield.

Photographs by Dan Wiell.