Arts Writers

Our Arts Writers group formed in response to the need for contributions by local arts writers to support the Nottingham art ecology. Our Writers in Residence, Amelia Seren Roberts and Rose Davison, are working alongside the BACKLIT programme to engage locally with art in Nottingham. Find out more about the Writers in Residence and check out their latest events below.

Between March and May 2018 BACKLIT led the group to explore and develop opportunities for art writing in the city. The overall aim was to attract local art writers and venues to share experiences and to create opportunities for writers to present work publicly. Each workshop explored outlets and platforms for art writing, whether within a journalistic sense or as a component in visual works. BACKLIT has actively sought local reviews and promotion via media streams and believes the upcoming residency represents an opportunity to showcase and elevate the wealth of arts and cultural activity happening locally. The Writer in Residence post is a legacy to this project and will continue to support the art writers’ network, explore platforms and develop new ideas.

Words from the Writers in Residence, Amelia Seren Roberts and Rose Davison:

Having met initially at the Art Writers Group, we formed the foundation of our residency working towards a visit to BACKLIT by the International Association of Art Critics [AICA]. Representatives from Nottingham Contemporary, BACKLIT, Primary and Bonington Gallery among other local venues introduced Nottingham’s impressive contemporary art offering and the event culminated in a critical dialogue led by Sacha Craddock – which we were excited to have co-chaired. The event proved a valuable jumping-off point and, despite the heat, the group discussed many perceived benefits and obstacles relating to art writing in the city.

Our hope is that the residency will encourage art writers in the region and prompt the continuation of collaboration and conversation in Nottingham. We aim to publish thoughts and writings that open up wider contextual debate surrounding engaging themes addressed by art exhibited in Nottingham and the BACKLIT programme of contemporary art and related events. Our intention is to generate and gather written responses to exhibitions and local events. As the residency progresses, we aim to work with the Art Writers Group and contributors as a catalyst for diverse writing and discussion to form the basis of a short, independent publication.

The Art Writers Group will continue in September and October with the group set to attend exhibitions and exhibitions at Nottingham Contemporary and Lakeside Arts alongside artist-led events in the city. In November, our focus will return to BACKLIT as they celebrate and contemplate ten years of the gallery and studios.
To keep up with our Writers in Residence follow their Instagram blog at @nott_s_poke, or to contact us or get involved, please contact, or

Arts Writers Group get together

Meet at BACKLIT (2nd floor Project Space) – Saturday 6th October, 1-3pm, Free, everyone welcome

At this get together we will share our thoughts on the Raga Begum exhibition (Lakeside Arts) and Pia Camil, Trix & Robert Haussman  exhibition (Nottingham Contemporary)