In April 2019, BACKLIT will be expanding our current studio and gallery space from two floors to three. We currently provide approximately 50 affordable studio spaces for contemporary artists. Our expansion into the 4,960 sq foot basement of our building will offer an additional number of larger spaces.

We are calling for contemporary artists, collectives and makers to apply for Studio space on our new basement floor. These would be artists and collectives who are interested in a long-term tenancy in a larger space. These individuals or collectives would ideally be keen to play a fundamental role in shaping the direction of this new space from the very beginning.

BACKLIT’s expansion will offer these new Studio artists a unique opportunity, to be involved in the development of a brand new studio space at a pivotal stage, where you can influence decisions and really make it your own.

The space will also offer a platform for personal and professional development opportunities, such as working with community groups or offering input into gallery programming, for those who wish to access it. This is also an opportunity to become more deeply involved in Nottingham’s thriving arts scene. With a high number of artist-led collectives, small galleries and studios, Nottingham draws in talent from across the East Midlands, so there’s plenty to discover

Studio prices will start from around £149 per month.

If you have any questions, check out our Studio FAQs and if you don’t find an answer there, please email

How to apply

BACKLIT aims to represent a broad spectrum of arts practices that engage with the contemporary arts world.

Please send us an application by email or post answering the following questions.


1. Basic Information


Date of Application:
How long would you want a studio for (approximate):Home Address:Phone number: Mobile number: Email address:


2. References


Please give the contact of a referee who could provide us with information about your practice in support of this application.
Referee’s name:
Referee’s email:
Referee’s phone number:
Nature of relationship with the referee (preferred to be professional), please specify:
3. Your Arts Practice


Please provide a brief description or statement about your arts practice. Consider key themes, concepts or ideas, medium/material, working method and process. If your application is successful this will become your profile on the BACKLIT website (max. 300 words).


4. Professional Development and Engagement


The ethos of Backlit strongly encourages professional development. The nature of our studio environment allows artists to build relationships and networks whilst supporting their development as artists/practitioners. An active engagement with the programme and events is strongly encouraged. The following questions address the level of involvement you are looking for, and your reasons for wanting a space at Backlit.

  • Have you had any professional development training or self-initiated involvement in the arts since leaving college or deciding to be an artist/arts professional? If so, please elaborate
  • How do you think you will engage with BACKLIT community as a Studio member? How do you think this engagement will benefit yourself and others?
  • What issues most concern your professional development?
  • How might you like to see these issues dealt with or addressed?
  • Where did you find out about Backlit studios?

Please submit your application via email or post, along with a maximum of 10 images of your work/projects (as jpegs, on slide, photograph or print-out) to: Basement Studio Applications BACKLIT Alfred House Ashley Street Sneinton NG3 1JG or

Once your application has been reviewed you may be invited to attend an informal interview. (Enclose an SAE if you would like your visual material returned)