Master : Geoff Diego Litherland
Apprentices : Bram Demunter (Gent) / Dawn West (Limerick) / Michelle Verscheijden (Tilburg) / Gerrit Bruijns (Rotterdam)

Exhibition ran from 6th March – 22nd March 2015


5 Points of Connection brought together 5 artists who seeked to understand the often-contradictory world around them through making ambiguous and often surreal connections between objects, images and ideologies. They were brought together serendipitously through their involvement in the Kunstpodium T 

Apprentice/Master project developed a new body of work, which reflects not only their individual practices but also the dialogue created by being part of the venture at Backlit

Kunstpodium T is a laboratory and platform for art students and contemporary artists. Kunstpodium T facilitates the development of the artists’ identity and cultural entrepreneurship for a new generation of artists. After six successful editions in The Netherlands and Belgium, the Dutch Leerling/Meester project is expanding. In 2014/2015 Kunstpodium T will organize a European Apprentice/Master project. During the Apprentice/Master project talented young artists from different art schools in Europe, which are currently in their final year, are linked with a renown contemporary artist: the Master Artist. Each time four students from different art academies exhibit with each other and a contemporary artist. This coming season will result in a series of 18 exhibitions in United Kingdom, Belgium, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Ireland.

This exhibition saw the start of Nottingham Trent University’s Fine Art course joining the project, their students staged exhibitions with their European artists. The project partners Kunstpodium T,  Nottingham Trent University and Backlit.