The dynamics of colour is the predominant factor in my work and I am inspired by its infinite and limitless possibilities.

I mostly use acrylic paint on canvas or paper and usually work on a series of paintings.

Although my work is abstract, I am often motivated by observations of my surroundings, both natural and manufactured, organised systems,layers and repetitive structures. Also the effects of changing light is important to my sense of colour.

The paintings are developed through a process of masking and layering, revealing colours and controlling their interaction.

The vertical marks or dots used in the paintings are a formal device which allows me the freedom to be able to detach the work from the original image and to create a visual field empty of compositional form.  I can build the surface, merging it and breaking it down, allowing the painting to evolve through the process in its own time into ‘itself’.

Recently I have been attempting to evoke a feeling or sensation of moving through from ‘our space’ into another space beyond. In some cases there is a barrier which both conceals and discloses this other space.

My hope is that the paintings will engage the viewer, stimulate their senses and provide a vehicle for contemplation.

The intention is that new depths will be discovered each time the viewer returns.