Christina Cushing is a contemporary filmaker and member of Chaos Magic. Based in Nottingham, she works both independently and with her collaborative partner Hannah Drake.

Combining film, text, and objects, Cushing manipulates the relationship between image and language to explore the power-dynamics of interpretation. Semi-coherent and absurd, her work facilitates misunderstanding as a way of testing the effect of ambiguity, asking whether audience passivity catalyses meaning-making, and questioning how nonsense becomes the main currency of poetic excess. With each sentimental lapse, the inefficiency of character reveals itself as pseudo-authoritative and it becomes unclear if the text is enacting emotional appeasement, or a tool for benign control.Once the audience builds a fluency in nonsense, these hyper-saturated worlds are reduced to surface-level efficacy.

What is the position of sensibility within a mechanised system? How do we respond? Perhaps the answer can be found in ink sponge tongues and pulled sugar plastics.

Image 3 courtesy of the artist and Hannah Drake.