“With every action, there is a reaction.”
With drawing as her primary practice, Demi’s work aims to investigate and test the patterns and forms found within the natural world. Working closely with a combination of the unpredictable power of nature, fused with mans effect upon the delicate ecological balance; our relationship with the earth plays a pivotal role. Through using satellite imagery, she searches and locates places completely stripped of human life; areas not easily reached by foot but that are accessible to us through the screen of a computer; us as humans unable to control the changeability of their forms as they split, shift, melt and fall.


Through a painstakingly handmade and labour intensive process, Demi creates stark, sculptural works on paper which take the viewer into a vision of the unknown. The landscape is stripped bare, leaving an absence of scale and forcing us to confront our own fragility and limits of perception. By pushing and testing the materiality of the paper, the marks made are left exposed and embedded, like scars upon a surface.