Hayley Meaden is a designer maker who specialises in textiles. She is a
compulsive maker, discoverer and dreamer, who seeks to explore the unique
narrative quality of wearable art and its interaction with the human form.

Through her work, Hayley hopes to narrate the importance of stories and
communication; express a delight in and respect for the environment; and
sensitively create positive connections to the world and the people around

Her work combines art jewellery, couture fashion and sustainable design,
questioning the boundaries in each discipline.

Hayley’s collection, ‘Found in the Forest’ is an exploration of the importance of
creativity and imaginative freedom. The work relates a personal tale of finding
ones place in the world, drawing inspiration from the memories, imaginings
and visual enchantment of woodland walks under ever-changing skies.

This collection of unique, structural collars, cuffs and bow ties is constructed
through creative pattern drafting and precision sewing utilising Hayley’s
previous experience as a costumier.

Each piece features silk and bamboo that has been digitally printed with
layered photographs of tree silhouettes against beautiful skies. The intricate
prints are pleated and steam formed, then combined with handcrafted
recycled silver embellishments to create depth, intrigue and atmosphere.

Let’s get lost in the forest and find ourselves….