Hilke Kurzke is a book artist, writer, and printmaker. Writing as a Process as well as Maternity and procreation are important topics of work. Within her books, she employs content, form, and reader-interaction in equal measure to convey her message.
If you think about it reading and writing are nothing short of magic:  There’s nothing but paper, covered in regular marks: something very  material. Or maybe someone holds a screen where some areas light up, and others remain dark in a carefully designed pattern. Readers will examine these marks, — and suddenly they burst into laughter or cry, get angry or enlightened… – and not by the marks as such, but by something immaterial that transcendents the marks themselves. Studying these marks is like a magic ritual that conjures up a voice in  the reader’s head, telling them stories or giving them information. But unlike the process of writing, which is physical, the process of reading and understanding is abstract, hidden in our brains.
In her artwork, Kurzke examines the boundaries of what a book can be, how the magic of written up words can be shown, and how it allows us to interact with each other and our ideas.
Interpersonal dependance and interaction without personal contact is also the topic of ongoing art projects since 2013, in which Kurzke leaves messages, sometimes hidden, for random people to find. The biggest project in this body of art is the project message in a bottle,
for which she made and dispatched more than 100 bottles across the globe.