Ian Cutmore

I am a studio-based artist interested in making contemporary art based on the landscape. My initial observations are digital, photographic or film based and made when driving. They depict a landscape, which moves continuously, viewed obliquely through the frame of a car window, showing a space that is ambiguous, undergoing constant transformation.

My practice is an informed development of these observations, exploring the process of making: abstract, formal, sequential as well as figurative, narrative, expressive. I work across digital and traditional platforms, adopting a multimedia/ multidisciplinary approach, using inspiration from diverse sources and merging hand crafting and digital skills practice.

Through material engagement I seek to re evaluate and extend my skill base; and to explore my concepts. I engage in a dialogue to create a repository of ‘made’ and found’ images that investigate areas outside the expected remit of their anticipated outcome. This innovative process is open-ended and looks at contrasting ways of exploring formal and material qualities that reflect the transitory, contingent nature of my subject.

Digital imaging, printing, collage, painting and drawing techniques are used to create a body of work that reveals initially overlooked aspects of the familiar, the everyday, the contingent and explores its method of depiction.

I am an active member of Backlit studio community, taking part in open studio events, studio meetings and critical discussions with fellow practitioners.