‘Would you like to come back to our hut?’

Photo by Anthony Hopwood, Image courtesy of Joey Holder
Photo by Anthony Hopwood, Image courtesy of Suzanne Van Der Lingen
Photo by Anthony Hopwood, Image courtesy of Matthew Chesney
Photo by Anthony Hopwood, Image courtesy of Martin Rayment
Photo by Anthony Hopwood, Image courtesy of Ellen Brady

22nd July – 18th August 2017


BACKLIT presents its annual group show, which views the gallery as a former set for ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ (1984-86), a comedy-drama television programme which focuses on a group of British migrant construction workers who, in the midst of mass social upheaval, travel to Germany to find work.

The exhibition features video, sculpture and performance that will take the viewer on a journey around the building as a 21st century iteration of the series when Alfred House was the location of ‘Ally Fraser’s Hideout’, a place for unlawful business. The works explore notions of architectural space, transposed narratives, phantasma, and correlations with the current socio-political climate.

Jade Annaw
Ellen Brady
Connor Brazier
Matthew Chesney
Joey Holder
Daniel Rapley
Martin Rayment
Mo Scott
Suzanne van der Lingen.


The public programme will include gallery tours with exhibiting artists and experts on ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ to provide a behind the scenes understanding around the processes of making new work in response to the building and the social narratives within the series. All talks are free 1pm – 2pm.

29th July: ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ Fan Club Tour
Tim Wagstaff will provide insight into the making of the series in Nottingham and the various locations across the region.  

5th August: Spatial Fiction
Behind the scenes insight into the artworks in the exhibition and conversation around the use of artificial / fictitious  narratives within architectural environments. In discussion with Ellen Brady, Matthew Chesney, Joey Holder, Daniel Rapley and Mo Scott.  

12th August: Phantoms & Politics
Behind the scenes insight into the artworks in the exhibition including notions of illusion, phantasma and rethinking political agency within contemporary art. In decision with Suzanne van der Lingen, Connor Brazier, Martin Rayment and Jade Annaw.

18th August: A collaboration of Doom-Jazz, Performance Art and visual constructs of sensory information. A depiction of demagogues and super saturated propaganda. Featuring Pervert Wasp + Jamal Sterret + Alasdair Ambrose. Curated by Martin Rayment in response to the exhibition.

The exhibition will tour to Club Solo Gallery in Breda, Netherlands in October 2017 as a platform to showcase Nottingham based artists and open dialogue with Dutch artists and collectives on future collaborative working across Europe.  To find out more CLICK HERE