Martin Rayment is a Berlin born artist currently based in Nottingham, UK. His work feeds from expired nostalgic imagery and forgotten icons. By appropriating expired imagery within a ceremony of new medias, he delves into surreal visual narratives that submerge into the Digital Pool.

He uses collections of orphaned imagery and carefully selects and dissects them to be re-constructed within dark visions. They often become geometrically adorned beings that inhabit oceanic landscapes. The use of Graphic ink patterns within vivid colour hold an intention to establish obscure and empowered works of Art. The work is always evolving.

He is influenced by Retro-Futurism and the surreal works of René Magritte, Dr Lakra and JG Ballard. Old projects depict the saturated nature of modern life by using geometrical crystal crowns that adorn forgotten icons. He gestures towards fictitious royalty in a sinister and stylized way. These depictions become intricate narratives that combine retrospective portraiture with sharp visual language.

He has developed a character called Knobbler. Through him he explores the idea of what our childhood characters are like when they grow up and encounter life’s trials and tribulations. Knobbler has fallen into the dark dimensions of adulthood and he’s enjoying it just a little too much.

*What is a an artist? The practice of visual expression rehearsing a surrealist intent.

*Digital Pool. Creating an artistic work that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative process.