18th November – 10th December


The exhibition brings together emerging artists whom have recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University, presenting new narratives in contemporary art.


Featuring work by; Jennifer Burton, Amelia Daiz & Amethyst Jennnings, Ryan Heath, Conor Hurford, Carla Lavin, Annie Moxon, Georgia O’ Reilly, Hannah Parikh, Louis Pawlett and Holly Shaw.


A 21st century play on the Greek word mythoplasia meaning ‘stories capable of being molded’ the work explores the pathway of artists as they shape begin to shape their futures. The exhibition is inspired by Joseph Campbell’s work ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ (1949) and will explore notions of self-mythology, mysticism, the human condition, future relics and the subversion of millennial culture.


25th November: Seeing In New Eyes

2nd December : Artists and Curators Talk

8th December : Tarot Experience