Niall Farrelly is an artist and illustrator currently based in Nottingham, originally from Meath in Ireland. At present his practice is moving between film, photography and drawing. His interests lie in memories, histories and origins and how memories and past events shape us, particularly in relation to ancestry, and the connections between people. He is also interested in the self, having an individual identity that is fluid and ever changing, and how those changes constantly shape an identity in new ways.

The focus in his practice for the next year will be creating a film, following a period of research into the history, origins and meaning of his name and how names contribute to shaping identities. Upon completing the research and within the narrative of the film, Niall will replace his name with a new one, chosen for how it reflects and resonates with his identity.

Alongside collaborator Cindy Sissokho, Niall will co-found and produce an ongoing publication.