Niamh Treacy

Niamh Treacy is a mixed media artist currently based in the East Midlands. Having graduated from the University of Derby in 2014 with a BA (Hons) in Photography, she went on to complete an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in 2017. 

Drawing primarily on personal experiences, her practice explores the volatile nature of our mental processes such as dreams and memories. Memories help us to create a conformation of our existence by forming a past; establishing the traits the construct the self, if these memories are altered, the self is questioned. 

Fascinated with how our everchanging environments and overexposure to visual information can fracture and alter how we recall our mental imagery, Treacy looks to reference recognisable domestic objects and everyday environments, juxtaposing them to form disjointed, blurred and broken representations of the mind. Using lens-based media as her starting point, she utilises means of display such as installation and sculpture to create tangible, constructed realities, based on imponderable visions and experiences. The mediums, tools and process she employs are crucial to the meaning of her work, as the prosses is often as important as the end result. 

Treacy’s current work explores her own memories through the use of vernacular photography and to what extent her memories are real or influenced by the act of viewing and remembering family photographs. 

Niamh is one of 7 artists that have been selected to participate in BACKLIT’s Graduate Studio Programme.