Nikki Carroll

Nikki Katrina Carroll (b.1994) works collaboratively with Matthew Young (b.1993) in ‘Jawbone Jawbone’, a practice that emerged from an exchange to Groningen, Netherlands where they studied for six months at Acadamie Minerva. Together they have created a sculpture focused practice based in Newcastle. Expanding from a simplistic image or conventional belief, they channel a day-dream like aesthetic to influence decision making and indulge in metaphorical associations to the body. Recent exhibitions include ‘HARD GRAFT’ – Lancaster, ‘I Cant Remember the Last Time I Used Cardamom’ – TESTT Gallery, Durham, ’Les Boites’ – Suede Gallery w/Slugtown, Edinburgh, ‘Now Another Procedure is to Run’ – Catalyst Arts, Belfast.

Now having begun a 12 months residency at BACKLIT Gallery in Nottingham, Nikki intends to create an independent practice working with soft fabrics, clay and performance. Through continual workshops, she plans to invest time in researching her own sub-conscious imagination through a dream diary that will be used to prompt creative writing and experimental drawing. With a focus on well-being she plans to create immersive performances and events that aim to stimulate dream-like and joyous sensations amongst participants and viewers.