Currently based in Lincoln and Nottingham, Oliver recently graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the University of Lincoln. Often working with analogue video monitors and installation, there is a primary concern with ideas of Being as a Medium, isolation in a landscape and the romantic pursuit to find an unknown. Previous works have included a series of attempts to make contact with aliens, a para-terrestrial seance and three days spent by the Loch Ness recording data and seeking the sea monster. Captured footage projects the experience into a bodily format, as linear cassette tapes produce a material, grainy substance, displayed in a realm where it is not often believed. Once observed, the footage is initiated into consideration, or dispute, as to its reliability. It becomes performative, as an active product of existence. In a virtual, technologically infused infosphere, his amateur-enthusiast aesthetic stands up to provide a physical enquiry for surveillance. It asks that you trust and understand a specific way of seeing: as a document. Recent group exhibitions include ‘Collision’ at The Collection and Usher Gallery, ‘LEGS’ at Project Space Plus and ‘Parasite’ as part of Frequency Festival (2019). 

Oliver is one of 7 artists that have been selected to participate in BACKLIT’s Graduate Studio Programme.