Pablo Rubio

Artist statement: My work explores the relationship between popular entertainment and politics. In between new media installation and performance, the time-based disclosure of information that is moving image allows me to speak the dynamic language of the twenty-first century.

Understanding mediatised politics as rehearsed performance, I have become interested in television and social media’s potential to dominate and monetise data delivery. In Marxist terms, I recognise this delivery and consumption of – often fake – information as another commodity of late capitalism’s experience economy (Pine and Gilmore, 2011). Robert Hewison’s contemporary notion of Jean Baudrillard’s fragmentation (1989), James Ball’s Post-Truth (2016) and Christian Marclay’s captivating unveiling of real time in The Clock (2010) have particularly inspired the direction of my most recent work.

Similar to Dara Birnbaum’s attempts to ‘talk back to the media’, my practice intends to materialise on screen the heavily polarised state of current affairs; to disentangle the conglomerate of fictional and factual content corruptly constructed by media outlets and political intervenors; and to restore our limited capacity to discern between fiction and reality through unforeseen narrative associations.

Pablo is at BACKLIT on a 12 month funded studio programme.