The Taste of Stone is a new exhibition commissioned by BACKLIT and will take place at the gallery from 13 July until 2 August, with a special preview night running on 12 July from 7pm.


Frank Kent – voted one of the ‘best artists in the region’ – will be transforming the wall space at BACKLIT gallery in Sneinton as part of his upcoming exhibition.

This year Frank has been elected as one of the best artists in the region under the age of 30 by Nottingham Visual Arts Magazine and has represented Great Britain as part ofWorld Event Young Artists in Nottingham, where he created a collage from an entire building at Primary, one of Nottingham’s top art studios.

Frank said: “I’m really looking forward to showcasing the exhibition at BACKLIT. I’m experienced at painting to a large scale but this is a new direction for me as my work will be longstanding and feature at the gallery beyond the exhibition.

“I’ve been very much influenced by Finnish architect Juhanin Pallasmaa who believes that all senses should be used when observing art. The paintings don’t depict any particular images but allow people to be filled with a vision of colour when walking around the gallery space and the textured paintings include a range of materials such as latex, pigments and timber. I’m really looking forward to holding my final exhibition in Nottingham at BACKLIT.”

Frank’s exhibition will show large scale colourful paintings placed on translucent latex and framed on structured pine wood. The paintings have been specifically designed for the exhibition but will be mounted onto BACKLIT’S walls as a more permanent feature once the exhibition has finished.

The Taste of Stone will be Frank’s last Nottingham exhibition before he relocates to his home town of London later on in the year where he will continue his studies at Royal Academy School in London. Frank graduated from the School of Art and Design at Nottingham Trent University in 2010 and has since widened his skills by working as a carpenter and specialising in spray painting.