Members Show 2024

BACKLIT Gallery is excited to announce its Annual Members Show. The exhibition will feature an eclectic mix of 52 contemporary artworks, showcasing the creativity and talent of our diverse artist community. The exhibition reflects various creative processes, regularly taking place at BACKLIT studios, including collaboration, play, experimentation and innovation. You will witness an array of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, film, soundscape, performance, textiles, and more.

The exhibition launches on the 12 July at 6 - 9pm in our main gallery.

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image by Freddy Griffiths

The exhibition consists of works by 52 BACKLIT studio artists including: Neelum Aftab, Joel Alasan, Alasdair Ambrose, Ellen Angus, Al Atkinson, Masah Azar, Winter Beaumont, Gemma Casely-Kirk, Xin Chen, Karen Chesney, Peter Chesney, Dana Church, Ian Cutmore, FryFace, Jade Foster, Casey Francis, Sara Gaynor, Freddy Griffiths, Carol Hawthorne, Paul Henegan, Amie Higgins, Lily Hollywell, Shadia Houssein, Charlie Howarth, Tom Ireland, Coral Shaw Jackson, Vidhi Jangra, Elizabeth Alice Keen, Hilke Kurzke, Catherine Levey, Eugene Macki, Usha Mahenthiralingam, Anthonia Ndukauba, Lucy Nelson, Jon Pask, Mollie Plummer, Marcia Porto, Theodora Prassa, Stan Charles Roberts, Assunta Ruocco, Lois Gardner Sabet, Leomi Sadler, Katie Sandoval, Catherine D’Arcy Saunders, Janhavi Sharma, Juliana Sissons, Neville Smith, Klara Szafrańska, Kim Thompson, Morag Williams, Pauline Woolley, Tkya Xavier.

This year's exhibition has been collaboratively curated by Jazz Swali, Marta Marsicka and Harry Freestone, combining their unique set of skills and place in the organisation.

Jazz Swali stated "Collaboration is something that we are always trying to be conscious of when working with our members and bringing everyone’s voices to the table. This year we are curating 52 artworks: many being shown for the first time. It’s a brilliant moment for the artists to share what they have been developing over the last 12-months of their practice."

Main Gallery - 2nd Floor

Exhibition Launch: 12 July, 6-9pm (All welcome)

Exhibition dates: 13 July – 04 August

Opening Times

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Appt only

Thursday: Appt only

Friday: Open 12pm—5pm

Saturday: Open 12pm—5pm

Sunday: Open 12pm—5pm