Catherine Levey

My practice is concerned with the portrait and figure, and I translate an image in a dream-like way and invite the viewer to interpret the narrative. I use a fluid brushwork to suggest memory, a fragmented and fractured sense of self. In this way the work may be disorientating with the person removed but still a presence. 

My current project involves the theme of mental health. I have taken two artists with significant mental illness whose biographies are in the public realm. Connecting where possible with their family and friends has helped me reimagine their stories and bring these back to the present, even for a moment. By asking the viewer to consider emotions associated with mental health issues, I hope to question reductive attitudes to mental health where social media operates both to exacerbate social pressure to retain a perfect’ façade.

I tend to work on acetate and am currently exploring its materiality in sculpture. I have exhibited in Nottingham and have recently been longlisted for the Zealous Amplify art prize.