Young People’s Programme


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Pending Collective is a creative group of emerging artists aged 16-25, focused on creating projects and events in Nottingham.

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We are a group of emerging artists aged 16-25 hosted by BACKLIT, focused on creating projects and events in Nottingham to encourage connection to the local culture and community. Including students and soon-to-be graduates, our artists find a home in Nottingham and are in pursuit of enriching themselves and others through the creative process.

Our projects span a large variety and cultivate the environment to develop skills in project management, curating exhibitions, organising events, workshops, and marketing.

Whilst you are a Pending Collective member, you will join meetings, and these take place every month and provide an opportunity for young people to network, make new friendships, and work with BACKLIT Staff to produce creative projects of their own. You will partake in artist workshops every month led by BACKLIT Studio and Associate artists, providing an opportunity for young people to work directly alongside an artist. Find out about the artistic practice and develop new skills. Pending Collective produces a range of creative projects within the local community to support young people to engage with the arts and try something new.

We especially encourage applications from people who have Black, Asian, Mixed or Global Majority heritage and/​or are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

If you are interested in finding out more you can contact us with the subject heading 'Pending Collective Enquiry'. We aim to respond within 14 days.

We are currently not recruiting for Pending Collective members.