Katie Sandoval

Katie Sandoval Meade is an artist and educator based in Nottingham. She’s been a member of Backlit Studios since 2019

Born in Mexico City and relocating to the UK as a child, Katie’s work is inspired by landscapes and the varied environments she has lived and worked in. Her work features scenes painted from memories of her early life in Mexico City, and her trips to tropical, desert and urban locations around Mexico and other parts of the world. She seeks to interpret the feelings associated with dramatic and everyday experiences connected with particular places. From living through earthquakes in Mexico City to animal encounters in tropical jungles via breaking down in the middle of deserts, Katie is looking to delve into those adventures through paint. Sights, sounds and smells are explored and moments of calm and beauty that can be found in unexpected places investigated. Katie enjoys using photography to capture patterns of nature and human activity looking for hidden layers of meaning.