Klara Szafrańska

Klara Szafrańska is a Polish multi-media artist living in Nottingham.

Szafrańska works with sculpture, video and performance. Drawing from socio-political themes like fetish and kitsch in her process of making, she links the political and social to the visceral, metaphysical and inner. She looks at how the durability and non-disposability of familiar, pretend-to-be-functional objects lure us in with the promise of forever nourishment. 

Recent exhibitions include Let Them Eat Fake (group exhibition) by Bad Art Presents, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, London, I moved to England (duo exhibition), Surface Gallery, Nottingham, Class of 2020 (group screening) by CIRCA, London.

Image description: Still from a video work The Artist Who Wanted to Have a Tiger, 2020