Leomi Sadler

Leomi is a member of the Famicon artist group alongside Stef Sadler, GHXYK2 and Kitty Clark, with uncle Jon Chandler. A cult figure in the alternative comics scene for over a decade, with her brother Stef, she runs the critically acclaimed publisher Famicon Express and is co-editor of the Mould Map anthology series alongside Hugh Frost of Landfill Editions.

With a core practice of drawing, comics and collaboration, her artistic tendrils continue to extend into the worlds of fashion and contemporary art. She has exhibited her sculptural works internationally and has recently collaborated with brands such as Braindead, Gasius, Heresy and Givenchy.

Her biggest book so far, Tummy Bugs, was recently published by Breakdown Press, the first in a library series, each one packaging up a unique module of her multifaceted approach to story and image-making.