Thank you for helping us reduce waste by following our management guide. We have already seen a reduction in general waste and an increase in recycled items!


You will find an orange recycling bin on every floor.


  • Unrinsed drinks, bottles and cans
  • Cardboard and paper with oil and paint
  • Food packaging covered in bits or saturated with oil
  • Paper towels with paint or other contaminents


  • Rinsed drinks bottles and cans (lids off)
  • Cardboard and paper with pencil or ink
  • Food packaging (rinsed)
  • Paper towels
  • Cellophane and plastic films

General Waste

You will find a black general waste bin on every floor.

General waste is for everything that can’t go into recycling. However, it must not be large volume items. This bin is for food waste, paper towels with paint on etc. Think about what you would put in your bin at home.

Volume Waste

We do not have the capacity to remove large volumes of waste. 

Large volume waste as a studio member can be an issue if you are not planning when bringing materials into the building. We cannot remove large volumes of material and waste.

What is large volume waste?

Things such as offcuts of wood, polystyrene panels, cardboard boxes, furniture, old junk etc. 

We recommend:

1. Join and post it to the Facebook private group if what you’re getting rid of is usable for someone else.

2. If you are having issues removing the waste, speak directly to our Buildings and Gallery Facilitator to assist you.

Reduce + Reuse

You can reduce our waste by considering what you are bringing into the studios that you will later have to dispose of.

Join the Facebook private group where you can post items for fellow members to pick up from your studio to reuse.