• 1 June 2013
  • 00:00
  • —16 June 2013
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Andrew Brown, Christian Camacho – Reynoso, Martin Lewis, Dean Mooney, Krystina Naylor, Anna Salamon, Oliver Tirre, Jonathan Trayte.

Alignment explored our sense of movement, and the physical experience of viewing artwork. Taking a journey around the exhibition space that expands out into the city.

Moving through a city each day we follow endless trajectories, our own line interweaving with countless others as we navigate the landscape around us. Alignment explores our sense of movement, with artworks that engage with the physical experience of viewing artwork, taking a journey around the exhibition space and out into the habitual spaces of the city.

The artists selected for this exhibition are based in Nottingham, London, and Mexico City, joining work from Backlit, the city and the country, and across to the other side of the world in an incidental line that maps the alignment from the gallery out across the world.

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