• 7 February 2015
  • 00:00
  • —22 May 2015
  • 00:00

Billy Craigan-Toon, John Fuller, Sara Gaynor, Sam Hewland, Craig Proud, Benjamin Kay, Jake Kent, Tracey Kershaw, Sue Lea, Rosemary MacLennan, Ali Morgan-Tansley, Valerie Turton, Antonietta Sacco, Maureen Scott, Celine Siani Djiakoua.

This group show presented new work by Backlit studio members from a wide range of art forms. Bunch of Fives brought together playful approaches to drawing, sculpture, installation, and socially engaged projects to provide an insight into the diverse resident practitioners within the Backlit studio community.

“Bunch of fives” is an old fashioned phrase that denotes a hard punch with the hand closed. Each artist worked collectively in sets of five to integrate their conceptual relationships within the context of a group exhibition.

Backlit studios allow artists to continually develop their creative practice in an environment that encourages ambition and supports critical dialogue around contemporary art and the free exchange of ideas.

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