• 13 July 2013
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  • —2 August 2013
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As part of his international curatorial residency at Backlit, Carsten Recksik presented four emerging German artists in the project space. Recksik is particularly interested in how societies’ consumption of images has become such a significant part of everyday life. An endless stream of production, circulation and recycling from which you cannot escape.

The art world, in particular, is affected by this. More and more artists and art mediators are using the world wide web to inform more and more artists and art mediators about what is really important – the rest are happy watching cat videos. We see what we see through the lenses of our cameras and on the screens of our laptops. Websites, online archives and hard drives are overflowing.

Even the renowned British art critic Matthew Collings uses social networks to send images rather than words around the world. Matthew Collings added 253 photos to the album Art Basel via iPhoto, 10 minutes ago, 12 Likes. Matthew Collings added 153 photos to the album Sotheby’s Evening Sale, 3 hours ago, 46 Likes.

A whole generation of artists are influenced by this imagery overdose. Found material is sampled, remixed, constructed, chiselled away, classic sculpture 2.0. Is reality creating images or vice versa?

The exhibition featured the art of Boris Dornbusch, Marie von Heyl, Florian Meisenberg and Tim Wolff. This group of German artists seeks to address this question by creating a next-generation vision of contemporary culture.