• 6 February 2016
  • 00:00
  • —21 February 2016
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Connor Brazier, Matthew Chesney, Matthew Collins, Daniel Evans-Pughe, Anthony Fletcher, Ashley David Gallant, Lois Gardner Sabet, Sara Gaynor, Nick Gear, Tracey Kershaw, Gemma Land, Rosemary MacLennan, Jake Moore, Sophia Ogonda, Demi Overton, Jon Pask, Daniel Rapley, Martin Rayment, Antonietta Sacco, Mo Scott, Alison Whitmore, Hannah Whitlow, Jade Williams, Tom Woodcock.

An annual group show consisting of Backlit members that brought together varied practices in which artists were invited to collaborate and produce new commissioned work. 

MASS  approached the traditional group show with daring experiments in co-production that coalesce notions of: artist labour, materiality, re-enactment, volume, accumulation, veneration and dismissal. Exhibiting artists provided gallery tours every Saturday to discuss their practice and the themes of the exhibition.

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