• 31 October 2015
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  • —1 December 2015
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Gillian Wearing and Backlit hosted an afternoon of ‘one off’ creative sessions exploring confidence, writing, music and language.

The Shy Convention ran from 3pm – 6pm with a small group of participants who attended two FREE creative sessions; one exploring confidence building with professional personal development coach Isabel Mortimer, and the other creative writing, led by the Mouthy Poets collective with the theme of “LOVE” set by Gillian. The objective was to prepare a personal piece of writing to perform later that evening to a live audience as part of the ‘personal karaoke’ experience.

Gillian says "The Shy Convention I hope will bring a lot of like-minded people together in celebration of a trait that many people have, including myself. Let this be a celebration as well as an opportunity to find techniques that can help boost confidence."

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