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This page will contain information you will need as an MFA at BACKLIT.

Quaterly Meeting Dates:

  1. September 2022
  2. December 2022
  3. March 2023
  4. June 2023



  • Please ensure all doors are shut before you leave the premises, this includes the back fire doors and that the front door is locked. Also, please ensure that the door to the building is shut as this can occasionally jam open.
  • Sign in and Sign out

Energry Saving

  • If you are the last person to leave, please turn off all the lights. You can check whether you are via the sign- in sheet.


  • The building and the basement do not have extended storage beyond your studios. Please consider what you are bringing in and whether you have enough room to faciltate this within your own space. Corridors and walkways must be kept clear, especially due to health and safety risks.


  • Sign in and Sign out
  • BACKLIT is accessible by studio members 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, as such there is not always a member of staff on site. Studio members are recommended to take precautions when working alone such as advising someone of their whereabouts and having a mobile phone.



  • The kitchen facilities are a shared utility, as such please wash, dry and put away all cups, plates, cutlery etc. that you use. Cleaning materials are available to use in the kitchen space.


  • Using BACKLIT spaces that are not your studio, requires advance planning. You can do this by booking a meeting with the Artist Development Coordinator or Building and Facilities Coordinator. To do this find "schedule a call" in the members area home page.
    • This can be for example, wanting to use the gallery to photograpgh an artwork.


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